CIE 9709 Pure Maths Paper 3, May/June 2013 - question 10


  1. Thanks so much for the solved papers. Could you please also solve 9709_s13_qp_31 question 6 . It is a vector problem.

  2. 6 The points P and Q have position vectors, relative to the origin O, given by −→ −→
    correct to 3 significant figures. [5]
    OP=7i+7j−5k and OQ=−5i+j+k.
    The mid-point of PQ is the point A. The plane pi is perpendicular to the line PQ and passes through A.
    (i) Find the equation of pi, giving your answer in the form ax + by + cz= d. [4]
    (ii) The straight line through P parallel to the x-axis meets pi at the point B. Find the distance AB,

    Kindly help me solve (ii)