Sleep settings in Windows 10, windows 8, windows 7

If you want to change the settings when your computer sleep/hibernate you should follow next steps:

Click the Start menu and select Settings.
Click System.
Click Power and sleep.
Choose your desired Screen and Sleep settings.

Microsoft CFS3 (Combat Flight Simulator 3) and Windows 10

Combat Simulator 3 Battle for Europe is NOT compatible with MS10

First version of the game was lunched in 1988 so you can try a newer one maybe it works or..NOT

xinput1_3.dll error on windows 10

We just faced the xinput1_3.dll error on windows 10 so we decided to write the solution that worked for us:

The error is related to Direct X so we suggest you to download the last version of direct X and it should fix the error.
Here is the link on Microsoft website:
DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer

Where is located windows 10 product key, windows 10 activation key

Activation helps verify that you have an original copy of Windows if it has not been used on more devices than Microsoft Software License Terms allow. Depending on how you obtained your copy of Windows 10, the activation will use either a digital license or a product key with 25 characters.

How did you obtain Windows 10 / Activation method

  • Have you made free upgrade to Windows 10 from an eligible device running a genuine copy of Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. -digital license

    • You bought the original Windows 10 to Windows Store and Windows 10. You have successfully enabled -digital license
    • You bought a Windows 10 upgrade from Pro Windows Store and Windows 10. You have successfully enabled -digital license
      • Insider Windows user and you have upgraded to the newest version of Windows 10 on a device Insider Preview eligible to run an earlier version of Windows and Windows 10 Preview enabled. -digital license
        • You bought a copy of Windows 10 from an authorized dealer.-Product Key (On a label on the box will receive Windows 10. The Windows 10 digital rights based on valid product key that you entered.)
        • You buy a digital copy of Windows 10 from an authorized dealer. -Product Key (In the e-mail confirmation that you received when you purchased Windows 10 or in a cabinet digitally accessible through the website of the seller. The device will get a straight Digital Windows 10 based on key product available that you entered.)
        See more on Microsoft website

        how to make a perfect selfie

        1. #filter sau #nofilter?
        The most popular are those with Selfies hashtag #nofilter because said that the person is transparent and has confidence therein. But for various reasons like lack of sleep, bad light, whether, etc, not all are proud of how the pictures show what we just did. There's no problem. Modern phones offer their suggestions for optimized settings for perfect photos.

        2. Watch what is seen behind you

        Front camera is not there for nothing. Use it with confidence. Analyze what is behind you. Show in the picture someone else near or close to you is ok? It's a need to see everybody that you have not cleaned up the room? Do you really want to laugh all by another selfie done in the toilet? Choose carefully the place for your selfie!

        3. Be natural!

        Give up the duck face or a model positions taken by surprise. Everyone knows when to recognize a selfie. And if you have the attitude of "oops, I did not know I get a picture" in a picture taken by you, in which you can see your helping hand, people will do a review ...

        forgot my iphone password

        This is a tricky one :)

        If you have iCloud, it is the easiest way, go to your iCloud account and reset it from there.
        However, if you didn;t create one or if you don't remember that password neither, then try to make a restore from DF, it will takes time but it will works!

        iPhone error 1015 on itunes the firmware that you can find here
        2.Open Redsn0w
        3.Select browse and choose the firmware that you downloaded.
        4. Press Next
        5.Select "just pwned DFU mode right now enter
        6 Open iTunes (if you can not access iTunes 10.1 update from iTunes or you can download from
        7.Revel in itunes the "restore" option, then choose your firmware and you will get error 1015
        8.Open RecBoot and give "exit recovery mode" and it will appear on the iPhone screen mode Emergency call
        9.Open redsn0w again
        10.Select back your firmware
        11.Press the Next
        12.Select only "install cydia" and wait for it to install
        13. Open redsn0w again
        14 .Select your firmware
        15.Click next
        16. Select "install cydia" and "install Ipad baseband"

        You did the jailbreak and managed to get rid of error 1015. Now you can go into iTunes and sync it or give it restore. (Now the iphone is like a new baby :) )

        Oracle Report Builder 6i or 10i stay minimized in windows

        Problem: Oracle Report Builder stay minimized if you try to open it. It works the shortcuts like CTRL+O to open a file but you can see it :-)

        Posible cause: I'm not sure what is the cause, but sometimes when you close Oracle Report Builder at minimized way, next time when you open it it will be minimized.

        Solution: There are different solutions on web, like changing the content of cauprefs.ora file from  DevSuiteHome, but the easiest one and not complicated is to press windows key + left arrow :)

        Devices compatible with iOS 10


        • iPhone 6s
        • iPhone 6s Plus
        • iPhone 6
        • iPhone 6 Plus
        • iPhone SE
        • iPhone 5s
        • iPhone 5c
        • iPhone 5


        • iPad Pro (12,9 inch)
        • iPad Pro 9,7 inch
        • iPad Air 2
        • iPad Air
        • iPad 4th generation
        • iPad mini 4
        • iPad mini 3
        • iPad mini 2

        iPod touch

        • iPod touch 6th generation

        Transfer content from your iOS device to a new iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

        Use iCloud (

        Follow the steps in this section to back up your previous device to iCloud and then to transfer the backup copy on your new device.

        Make a backup with iCloud
        The previous device connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi.
        Accessing Settings> iCloud> Backup.
        Make sure the iCloud Backup option is enabled.
        Click on Make a backup now.
        Stay connected to Wi-Fi to complete the process.
        SIM card transfer or contact phone operator
        If your new device requires a SIM card, here's what to do:
        If the mobile operator has given a new SIM card, insert it into the device again.
        If the new device uses the same type of SIM card as the previous device, transfer the SIM card to the new device.
        If your device requires new SIM card other than the one you have or if you are not sure what type of SIM card to be used, contact the operator.
        Then, follow the steps below to transfer iCloud backup back to the new device.

        ICloud backup transfer to the new device
        Start the device again. You should see a welcome screen. If you've configured the new device, you should delete it before you can go through these steps. *
        Swipe from left to right in the welcome screen. Follow the steps until you see the screen Wi-Fi.
        Touch a Wi-Fi connection. Follow the steps until you see the screen applications and data, then tap Restore from iCloud Backup> Next.
        Sign into iCloud with your Apple ID and password associated website.
        When prompted, choose a backup. Make sure it is correct by checking the date and size of each backup. If prompted to update to a new version of iOS, complete the update too.
        If you purchased content from iTunes or the App Store using multiple Apple IDs, you will be prompted to login to each of them. If you do not remember your passwords, you can skip this step by tapping "I have an Apple ID or I forgot."
        Stay connected and wait for the completion of the restoration process, and then complete the remaining steps in the setup screen. If possible, keep the device connected to Wi-Fi and take care you still have battery :0
        This automatic should download the content back to the device, such as photos, music and applications stored in iCloud.