how to make a perfect selfie

1. #filter sau #nofilter?
The most popular are those with Selfies hashtag #nofilter because said that the person is transparent and has confidence therein. But for various reasons like lack of sleep, bad light, whether, etc, not all are proud of how the pictures show what we just did. There's no problem. Modern phones offer their suggestions for optimized settings for perfect photos.

2. Watch what is seen behind you

Front camera is not there for nothing. Use it with confidence. Analyze what is behind you. Show in the picture someone else near or close to you is ok? It's a need to see everybody that you have not cleaned up the room? Do you really want to laugh all by another selfie done in the toilet? Choose carefully the place for your selfie!

3. Be natural!

Give up the duck face or a model positions taken by surprise. Everyone knows when to recognize a selfie. And if you have the attitude of "oops, I did not know I get a picture" in a picture taken by you, in which you can see your helping hand, people will do a review ...

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