Transfer content from your iOS device to a new iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

Use iCloud (

Follow the steps in this section to back up your previous device to iCloud and then to transfer the backup copy on your new device.

Make a backup with iCloud
The previous device connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi.
Accessing Settings> iCloud> Backup.
Make sure the iCloud Backup option is enabled.
Click on Make a backup now.
Stay connected to Wi-Fi to complete the process.
SIM card transfer or contact phone operator
If your new device requires a SIM card, here's what to do:
If the mobile operator has given a new SIM card, insert it into the device again.
If the new device uses the same type of SIM card as the previous device, transfer the SIM card to the new device.
If your device requires new SIM card other than the one you have or if you are not sure what type of SIM card to be used, contact the operator.
Then, follow the steps below to transfer iCloud backup back to the new device.

ICloud backup transfer to the new device
Start the device again. You should see a welcome screen. If you've configured the new device, you should delete it before you can go through these steps. *
Swipe from left to right in the welcome screen. Follow the steps until you see the screen Wi-Fi.
Touch a Wi-Fi connection. Follow the steps until you see the screen applications and data, then tap Restore from iCloud Backup> Next.
Sign into iCloud with your Apple ID and password associated website.
When prompted, choose a backup. Make sure it is correct by checking the date and size of each backup. If prompted to update to a new version of iOS, complete the update too.
If you purchased content from iTunes or the App Store using multiple Apple IDs, you will be prompted to login to each of them. If you do not remember your passwords, you can skip this step by tapping "I have an Apple ID or I forgot."
Stay connected and wait for the completion of the restoration process, and then complete the remaining steps in the setup screen. If possible, keep the device connected to Wi-Fi and take care you still have battery :0
This automatic should download the content back to the device, such as photos, music and applications stored in iCloud.

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