iPhone error 1015 on itunes

1.download the firmware that you can find here
2.Open Redsn0w
3.Select browse and choose the firmware that you downloaded.
4. Press Next
5.Select "just pwned DFU mode right now enter
6 Open iTunes (if you can not access iTunes 10.1 update from iTunes or you can download from apple.com)
7.Revel in itunes the "restore" option, then choose your firmware and you will get error 1015
8.Open RecBoot and give "exit recovery mode" and it will appear on the iPhone screen mode Emergency call
9.Open redsn0w again
10.Select back your firmware
11.Press the Next
12.Select only "install cydia" and wait for it to install
13. Open redsn0w again
14 .Select your firmware
15.Click next
16. Select "install cydia" and "install Ipad baseband"

You did the jailbreak and managed to get rid of error 1015. Now you can go into iTunes and sync it or give it restore. (Now the iphone is like a new baby :) )

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