CIE Pure Maths Paper 1, May/June 2013

Advanced Subsidiary Level and Advanced Level - MATHEMATICS 9709/12 Paper 1 Pure Mathematics 1 (P1) May/June 2013 - 1 hour 45 minutes

Pure Maths Paper 1 contained 11 questions. Question 7 the one with the reflection was the hardest one, while the others required common knowledge of the topics in P1
You can find attached the hand written version of the paper 12. If you have questions or you would like to get the solution for this, just post a comment! If you have the other versions, send them to us for sharing :)


  1. Do you have by any chance paper 11 ? Are the same questions or at least similar?
    Thank you.

  2. where is it attached?

  3. we don't have the paper 11. the questions might be similar.

    paper 12 was an easy paper.. we will try to upload it again as the link was broken..

  4. When will u upload?

  5. in a few hours.. just after the period of 24 hours will pass the link will be available again. There should be no paper discussion before 24 hours (no question or solution given)

    Just wait a few more hours - all the students should give the exam in all zones.

    The questions we have are from students - that is the reason the paper is hand written.. the exact exam paper will be released at a later time

  6. Is there an Error Carry Forward in the Mechanics paper?

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