With this wifi password hack method you can hack any wep wifi network password. If you get 5 or 10 wifi network in your room, you can get all wifi password. This will save your monthly internet bill and you can use internet in free. So I am going to start the procedure. Follow my whole instruction and you will be also success to hack any wifi password. You don't have to go here and there to find out how to hack a wifi password.

At first we need a software to hack wifi password "minidwep-gdk". You can download the software from this link.
After you download this software you need to write this on a dvd or a cd disk. You can also make a bootable pendrive to do the hacking process. If you don't have a bootable pen drive software you can download this from below link .

Now select on Diskimage and select your "minidwep-gdk" iso file
On drive you have to select your pendrive drive.
Press okay to make a bootable pendrive with minidwep-gdk
Now we are going to hack the wifi password. We will get the password and the question about how to hack a wifi password will be end for forever.
Connect the usb pendrive and restart your pc. Then boot your pc from usb disk.


  1. the download for minidwep-gtk-30211.iso isnt there ??????

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