Comparison between netflix and amazon prime

Paying for cable television never made sense to me. Without an à la carte option, why would I pay to have access to more channels that I don't watch than those that I do?
As a result, I'm a long-time subscriber to Internet streaming video services, and prior to that, DVD-by-mail service. Netflix has always been the name I associate most with streaming entertainment, and certainly DVDs by mail, though I've paid for my fill of content from other providers as well. I've tried Hulu and Hulu Plus, as well as a U.K. service when I lived there called LoveFilm, which in 2008 acquired Amazon's U.K. DVD-by-mail service. Apple's iTunes, the 800-pound gorilla of à la carte entertainment, carved out its own niche early in the streaming game by selling single songs for download, but it extended that capability to also sell complete albums, television series, and movies, too. With the media streaming box Apple TV (which puts iTunes content right onto your TV screen), the company continues to strengthen its suite. See more..

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