Royal babies: Some things to know

William and Catherine have a picture of modern parents, but protocol which occasioned the birth of their baby will one day wear the crown of the United Kingdom follow a set of rules that sometimes come from ancient traditions, informs AFP.
There was a period in which the UK interior minister had to attend the birth to ensure the legitimacy of the child. Luckily for Kate, this tradition is no longer observed in the late 1930s. Instead, William witnessed the birth, as did Charles, his father, and Albert, husband of Queen Victoria.
The Queen, first-degree relatives of the royal family and Kate's parents were informed after the birth of the first baby.
Then the British sovereign subjects are informed through official proclamation signed by the royal physicians, placed on a board in the courtyard of Buckingham Palace - the same panel that was used at the birth of Prince William. As an element of modernity, Buckingham Palace will be published at the same time and will post an official statement about baby's birth information on its accounts on Facebook and Twitter networks.

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