How to update Windows 8 to Windows 8.1

It is a free upgrade, but installation can be more complicated, especially for systems administrators who manage multiple computers or for those who have previously installed Windows 8.1 Preview.

Downloads can be done from the Windows Store, which will need to be released several times before seen Windows 8.1 Update Live Tile option . If still does not appear , type in the browser URL " ms -windows -store : Windows Upgrade " . When you have found , there are just a few clicks to do before you can run Windows 8.1.

Downloading can be a bit frustrating , because Microsoft servers are flooded with requests for the new upgrade, but you have to make sure you have a good internet connection and 3.5GB available space around and everything goes well .

Fortunately , you can keep working on your computer while downloading the program and if the process is interrupted , it will resume from the point where it stopped , again making the first steps in the Windows Store.

Customers who have installed Windows 8.1 Preview but some difficulties in that upgrade to Windows 8.1 only keeps the user account and all applications must be reinstalled , including the Windows Store and the desktop .

Finally, if you upgrade from a previous version of Windows , you can order online. It is an option , but only for those who are upgrading to Windows 7. Those who have a computer that runs Windows XP or Vista must purchase first Windows 8 , install it and then download Windows 8.1 through Windows Store, as explained above.

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