How do you go faster phone. 5 Useful Tips

1. Install only applications compatible and reliable

If you have Android , it's a good idea to limit yourself to Play store.

When you install an application that is not really compatible , several things can happen . For example , some feature links may not work . Then it may be very hard to uninstall . More than likely you install an app that 's not compatible , your phone will lock .

2. Clean smartphone applications un-useful

It's good that from time to time, to do inventory installed applications and those that use them rarely or that you forgot to delete them . This will make your phone work better . Let's face it , few people use more than 15 applications in a week .

3. Use a task killer app type

Perhaps you have many applications running in the background and resources that eat the memory . On some , it may have looked like they 've closed. I say this from experience : a task killer app type improves performance over the phone. Advanced Task Killer from Play store is one of the options , but you will see that the offer is good. Some of them have the " Auto Kill" .

Clean Master is another software that can help you clean the phone and help it speed up. From time to time you will say that your phone is used in 90 % and it's time to do something.

4. Install antivirus for mobile

... and choose a good one you trust . You will find the app stores including free products. Limit yourself , however, to one. If you have two such software, you will have a faster phone .

5. Wallpaper

If you have a wallpaper with beautiful colors that move from one place to another , it may hinder the functioning of the phone. Leave a simple background , there are other ways that you can impress your friends .

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