Make money online from online marketing

Marketing online ... you have a site with products that you want to turn a profit , and start web optimization , directory submission then start doing everything possible to bring traffic to the site and you " roll over " for to be found as soon as the engine search . But it's a good strategy ?

Here are few steps that you should follow:

1. Find a niche to exploit, to create a website and soon to become expert on the guy. World know that you're the expert on .. say .. ivory toothpicks (that popped in my head). Write and develop this topic and beat the bush on toothpicks to feel like you're the king in the field.

2. You get the email address of every visitor who enters your site. Necessarily. Use every trick to convince him to leave his address and agree to receive emails from you

3. Subscribers do big list ... which divides as targeted, depending on what they know from your site. And give them exactly what they want.

4. Began to sell your products. (ebooks, CDs, DVDs, seminars, paid subscriptions, services ... etc..)

5. You make as many relationships with as many people in fields as varied. Relationships to keep.

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