Convert DjVu to PDF

DjVu (deja vu) is an open source file format currently maintained by Caminova. Because the format is not widely distributed, many users prefer to convert it to a popular format such as PDF when exchanging documents. You will also need a DjVu reader/viewer (Internet Explorer is able to open these formats too) and a converter such as novaPDF. If you do not have novaPDF installed, use the Download page to download and install it.

Convert DjVu to PDF from Internet Explorer

DjVu can be opened in Internet Explorer directly by using the freeware browser plugin provided by Caminova. This means it can be converted to PDF directly from IE by using novaPDF as the virtual printer.
To convert DjVu to PDF from Internet Explorer:
  1. Download and install the DjVu browser plugin from
  2. Download and install novaPDF on your computer using our Download page.
  3. Double-click on the DjVu document (or in Internet explorer go to File->Open and select the DjVu file) you want converted to PDF.
  4. Once opened, right-click on any page and select File->Print… (or click the toolbar Print button).
  5. From the Printer section select novaPDF and click on OK. You’ll be asked to choose a location and the PDF will be generated and saved once you click OK.

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