Download Adobe Photoshop CS6 v13.1.2 Extended RePack Portable

Graphic editor without installation.
Download Portable Photoshop CS6 32 bit (92.6 MB)

(md5: 1ebede168f5d0abbe52f137154d58fcf)
Included Camera Raw Plug-in 32 bit
(Download Portable Photoshop CS6 64 bit (103 MB)
(md5: 8dc70a3f1e4881c4b599d91a7d9e157a)
Included Camera Raw Plug-in 64 bit
Fixed launcher to use $COMMONFILES\Adobe on x64 (ex: fonts in Data\PhotoshopCS6\CommonFiles\Adobe\Fonts\)
English, Czech, Danish, German, Spanish, SpanishInternational, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, PortugueseBR, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, SimpChinese, TradChinese)
32 bit and 64 bit have separate program folders but same launcher and same settings.
Language set by launcher according UserDefaultLang.
To change, edit PhotoshopCS6Portable.ini with Language="one of the extensions of tw10428 in App\PhotoshopCS6\Locales\en_US\Support Files" (Language="" for en_US).
You can add plug-ins in App\PhotoshopCS6\Plug-ins
Extract and run PhotoshopCS6Portable. Settings created in Data.
Don't run at the same time of another Adobe product or if you have Photoshop installed!

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