Samsung Galaxy S3 will not turn on

My S3 is stuck on the initial screen that says Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-19300. It has been like that since I got up. If I press the on/off button nothing happens. If I press it for a long time it the screen goes of for about a second then the same screen appears. I tried taking the a battery out put it back in switched on and the same screen appears. When I connect the phone to my laptop my laptop does not recognize the phone.

Possible solutions:

1. Plug in the charger while it is off for a couple of hours and then try and restart it? If the battery is really, really low, sometimes it won't boot up with it plugged up right away, has to recharge some.
2. The problem with the sudden death is only for the international S3's and the 4.1.2 update has the fix for it. Samsung knows what the problem is now and they WILL replace the phone.


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