PC to Mac - Remote Desktop

I want to connect to my mac remotely from my Windows PC. What good products are there available that you recommend checking out?
Recent versions of Mac OS X include a VNC server built-in, analogous to Microsoft's Remote Desktop Server (included in Windows). This can be accessed via the System Preferences > Sharing > Apple Remote Desktop option.

There are various free VNC clients available for Windows, most notably RealVNC.

While there are other options, VNC benefits from being a very mature graphical remote-access protocol with official support from Apple and good-quality client programs.

Or: I'm currently using TightVNC to do the same thing. Lately it has started randomly dropping my connections though. I can get them back easily enough, but it's very annoying. Started with the OS X 10.8.1 update so I'm not sure if it's TightVNC or OS X that's got the problem.

Source: http://apple.stackexchange.com/

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