My Sony Xperia Play wont turn on

My Xperia Play wont turn on,
I've never dropped it and I've had it for 5-6 months approximate.
its been working fine all these past months and all of a sudden it wont boot.
I've tried everything wont work , i took out the battery put it back took out again let the phone cool down for a day , still wont work ...
It was working perfectly until the screen force closed and i took out the battery ...
The problems is that it goes on the logo sony ericsson and then the carrier which is rogers, but after that it re-starts to the sony ericsson logo and the process goes on.

Possible solutions:
1. Update and/or repair the phone software? If not I'd recommend you try.
You can easily do it with our program PC Companion, available for download from the link below.
2. Get the companion software from above link  then reboot pc when windows is finished loading plug phone into pc with phone poWer off . let software find device after device is found many options will appear in the main screen of the companion software. choose the update option..  update to most recent available version (this will erase all data on phone and restore device to factory settings)
turn phone on

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