Unlock an iPhone without the passcode

This video, "Recovering the Passcode from an iPhone," tapes a demonstration where a company spokesman uses an application called XRY and accesses the contents of the mobile phone in less than two minutes. User information, such as GPS location, call history, contacts, and messages, can all be read. See more..

To iPhone users, it's painful whether forgot iPhone screen password or backup password. Don't blame yourself so forgetful, the place we use password too much that it's so easy to forgot and mess the different password. Here is a note: set your password reasonable is necessary! When forgot iPhone password, don't panic,you need to calm down to seek solutions. I have a friend who's job is deal with iPhone issues and he taught me how to deal with iPhone password recovery,I am very pleased to share with you here.

Here are 6 steps below start recovery.
1. Turn off your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch
2. Plug the Sync cable to your computer
3. Plug in the sync cable to your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch while holding the "Home" button.
4. iTunes should say "Found a Device on Recovery".
5. Restore your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch
6. If you have a backup of your device, then you should be good to go or else you will have start as a new device
Problem Solved!

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